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Captain America and The Avengers (1991)




Captain America and The Avengers (1991)

Captain America and the Avengers (キャプテンアメリカアンドジアベンジャーズ Kyaputen Amerika ando ji Abenjāzu?) is an arcade game developed and released by Data East in 1991. It features the Marvel Comics characters The Avengers in a side-scrolling brawling and shooting adventure to defeat the evil Red Skull. The game received ports for the Mega Drive, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy andGame Gear. A different version was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Players can choose to play as one of four members of the Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and the Vision. Each character can fight hand-to-hand; throw select items when on the ground; and use a ranged special attack, either a projectile weapon (Captain America’s shield and Hawkeye’s arrows) or an energy beam (Iron Man and Vision), known as that character’s „Avenger Attack.“ Other Avengers, including theWasp, Quicksilver, Wonder Man, and Namor the Sub-Mariner, appear when special power-ups are collected, allowing those characters to temporarily assist the players‘ characters.

The Red Skull has assembled an army of supervillains and other henchmen in a plot to take over the world. Along with battling generic enemies, players also face Klaw, the Living Laser, Whirlwind, The Sentinels,Wizard, the Grim Reaper, the Mandarin, The Juggernaut, Ultron, the assassin Crossbones, and finally the Red Skull himself.

Most game levels feature side-scrolling fighting, with free movement as in traditional arcade brawlers. Occasionally, players take flight for side-scrolling flying & shooting sequences; Iron Man and Vision fly on their own, while Captain America and Hawkeye use flying machines.

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