„‚On constructing a reality – When is it time to think and when time to feel?“

Michael Hohl

In this talk, I try to present and discuss similarities between the non-linear Storytelling Software ‘Korsakow-System’ (Korsakow) and Second-Order Cybernetics (SOC); I also address constructivism and systems-thinking. In my reasoning, both may lead to very similar ways of thinking about multiple perspectives of the world, held by other actors.

Becoming aware of the multitude of differing perspectives of other humans about the world and what constitutes the causes and effects around their perceived reality. These insights may lead to a new kind of epistemology – of knowing the world and what is perceived as real. While Korsakow is tool to develop documentary films in a novel, non-linear, format, SoC is a theory and philosophy that emerged from traditional cybernetics, the ‘science of communication and control in the animal and the machine’ (Wiener, 1949).